The Side Effect of a Recently Diagnosed Disease Had Me Choking on my New Medications

The Side Effect of a Recently Diagnosed Disease Had Me Choking on my New Medications

The Side Effect of a Recently Diagnosed Disease Had Me Choking on my New Medications

A recent diagnosis completely changed the way I live my life … and the side effects changed how I take my new medications. 

This is my story, and while I don’t want to use my name, I do want to share how life changed for me and how I adapted. I only hope my story helps you.

After years of unexplained weight loss, in 2015, I was diagnosed with celiac disease, gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) and a hiatal hernia. One of the side effects of celiac disease is that it can cause extreme malabsorption of essential vitamins, which cause your bones to deteriorate. That’s what was happening to me. I was prescribed a number of vitamins and supplements in an effort to correct these issues. Unfortunately, due to the GERD and hernia I was having a lot of trouble swallowing the pills. 

For years I tried to replace the larger pills with “gummies,” but they weren’t as effective as the large pill doses I was prescribed. Fast forward to last year, 2019. I found myself in the hospital with extreme vitamin deficiencies … even after being gluten free for years because of the celiac disease. My blood pressure was off the charts and I was at risk of having a stroke. Again, I had more vitamins and supplements prescribed, but I couldn’t swallow them. I would literally choke on some of the vitamins I was given, particularly the potassium I was given in the hospital.

Finally, just this year, I discovered MEDCOAT. I was very skeptical at first and thought for sure it was too good to be true. I ordered some samples, figuring I had nothing to lose … especially after ending up in the hospital for a second time in less than four months. MEDCOAT was a game changer for me! With the help of MEDCOAT, I was able to swallow whatever size pill the doctors threw at me. To date, I take 18 pills in one sitting and I would not be able to take the larger ones without MEDCOAT. The coatings can be used more than once – I can usually squeeze out two pills per coating. I prefer the berry flavor, but honestly, I have tried them all and nothing tastes “bad,” as a matter of fact, unless you leave them in your mouth, you barely taste them. I have also used them for my children’s medicine when the doctor prescribes pills over liquid.

I highly recommend this for anyone who has trouble swallowing larger pills. What do you have to lose? Give it a try!

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