Questions & Answers

Questions & Answers

What is MEDCOAT® used for?

MEDCOAT® is use to provide pills with a coating that makes tablets easier to swallow and taste better.

How does MEDCOAT® work?

The coating makes pills soft and slippery which make pills easier to swallow. The coating also masks the taste of pills and gives them a refreshing taste. The coating dissolves quickly after intake and contains only food classified ingredients.

When should MEDCOAT® be used?

MEDCOAT® can be used when you have difficulty swallowing pills, or when you should take a pill that has a bad taste.

How is MEDCOAT® used?

Each coating device can be used to coat up to two pills depending on the size. When only one pill should be taken per occasion a new device should be used for each pill. Swallow the coated pill together with recommended amount of water shortly after the coating is applied. MEDCOAT® can be used for pills and capsules of different sizes and shapes that should be swallowed, also for divided pills. For best results use MEDCOAT® in room temperature. Used devices can be detached from the card.

  • Peel off the foil from both the top and bottom side.
  • Push the tablet through the opening (yellow area) on the top side. See figure 6 for round or divided tablets.
  • Keep pushing until the whole tablet Is coated. Thereafter wait for five seconds.
  • Twist the tablet two turns without pulling.
  • Remove the tablet by pulling It quickly. Swallow the coated tablet with water.
  • The figure above shows how to push through different types of whole and divided tablets.

How do you coat a divided tablet?

Divided round or oblong tablets should be pushed through according to illustration below. Please note that some tablets should not be divided.

How many pills can be coated with a package of MEDCOAT®?

The  package contains a card with 10 applicators. Each applicator can coat up to three pills depending on the size. MEDCOAT® can be used for pills and capsules of different sizes and shapes and also for divided pills. Swallow the coated pills separately, with water, otherwise they can stick together.

Which pills can MEDCOAT® be used for?

The special coating applicator is easy to use and can be used on any size and shape of a pill or capsule. MEDCOAT® is perfect for coating pills with sharp edges or ones that have been halved or quartered.

Who can use MEDCOAT®?

MEDCOAT® can be used for adults and for children from the time they start to swallow whole or divided pills. Children can often learn to swallow small pills from the age of 4 years. Consult your doctor or your pharmacist if you are uncertain.

Which groups of people often have difficulty swallowing pills?

Children often have difficulty swallowing pills, especially bad tasting pills such as antibiotics, etc. The elderly often have difficulty swallowing pills due to dry mouth or dysphagia (swallowing disorders). Many healthy adults also have difficulty swallowing pills.

Which pills are often difficult to swallow?

Big, uncoated and bad tasting pills are usually considered difficult to swallow.

When should MEDCOAT® not be used?

Do not use MEDCOAT® if you are allergic to any of the ingredients in MEDCOAT®. Do not use MEDCOAT® with chewable pills, pills that should melt in the mouth, pills that should be dissolved in water and pills and capsules that must be taken alone with plain water only.

How should MEDCOAT® be stored?

Store MEDCOAT® at room temperature in the closed original package (pouch). Protect from sunlight. Keep out of reach of children.

How long is the shelf life of MEDCOAT®?

Best before date is printed on the back of the package. Use MEDCOAT® within three months after the package has been opened.

Is MEDCOAT® safe to use?

The coating dissolves quickly after the pill has been swallowed (about 47 seconds) and it only contains food classified ingredients. Use opened package within 3 months.

Does MEDCOAT® contain gluten, lactose or soy?

No, MEDCOAT® does not contain gluten, lactose or soy.

Is MEDCOAT® sugar free?

Yes, MEDCOAT® is sugar free and instead is sweetened with maltitol syrup.

Does MEDCOAT® contain artificial flavors or colors?

No artificial flavors or colors in MEDCOAT® Citrus lemon/lime or Strawberry flavors.

How can I remove the MEDCOAT® coating from a pill?

Use a dry tissue to remove the MEDCOAT® coating from a pill or capsule.

Why are pills not already coated with MEDCOAT®?

The MEDCOAT® coating technique is only suitable for manual coating just before a pill should be swallowed.

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