This is what MEDCOAT Pill Coating Customers had to say about this Unique Tablet Coating Device:

  • MEDCOAT has truly helped with the daily struggle of taking my medicines. It helps them not get stuck in my throat and also covers up that chalky taste some pills have with a light flavor! Personally, I love the cola flavor!

    MEDCOAT Customer

  • MEDCOAT was recommended to me by my speech pathologist. After extensive radiation therapy to my neck I have dysphagia and great difficulty swallowing large tablets. MEDCOAT helps significantly, making the tablets slippery enough to go down successfully. I previously had tablets get stuck in the area above my voice box. Have not had that issue once I started using MEDCOAT. While the first tablet gets a good coating, a second one has significantly less but is still easier to swallow. I learned to coat the largest first. I am a pediatric pulmonologist and see quite a number of children with dysphagia. Glad to have another tool to help them!

    MEDCOAT Customer

  • I take a couple of uncoated pills that are small and bitter, and that always get stuck in my throat dissolving before I can get them down. It was so dreadful that I would delay (or entirely skip) taking my medications. Searching for ANY kind of solution, I discovered MEDCOAT, and requested a sample immediately. Instant game changer! I can now take my pills so easily (and on time!). It’s great for getting down jagged half-pills, too!

    MEDCOAT Customer

  • I chanced upon MEDCOAT’s Facebook ad at a time when I’d resigned myself to a recent inability to easily swallow the 4-5 large curcumin capsules a day that I need to take to battle inflammation and support my brain health. My recently diagnosed silent reflux has caused my vocal cords to swell to the point that my voice has changed and every pill seems to stick in my throat – especially the big capsules and dry vitamin/mineral tablets. I was dubious, but requested the free samples and am now impatiently awaiting my first real order. The coating devices are simple to use and the results are beyond my expectations. I’m so happy to have discovered MEDCOAT!

    S.C., Age 76

  • We received the shipment and my mom was able to swallow her large chalky Tibsovo pill with the first gulp of water! It was wonderful to see. This pill is her lifeline now for her leukemia. We are so thankful for your help in getting MEDCOAT. The doctors and nurses were also impressed with MEDCOAT. I think it should be marketed to hospitals for both pediatric and adult patients in addition to having it be OTC at the pharmacies. Thank you once again!

    Dr. B

  • I wanted you to know that your Medcoat Pill Coating saved my life. At 67 years of age, I developed Cancer. I needed to take 3 large Cancer Chemo Pills in the morning and another 3 large pills in the evening. As a small child, I choked on a fish bone. Because of this, I have never been able to swallow a pill due to the fear of choking. I was forced to learn how to overcome my fears and swallow these cancer pills if I wanted to live. It wasn’t easy but I managed to learn how with the help of your product. Your product helped me so much. I don’t know what I would have done had I not found your Pill Coating. Thank you

    Mary F.

  • I take a gram of Sucralfate which is extremely hard to swallow; it starts to disintegrate as soon as you put it in your mouth. When I try to swallow it, it gets stuck and causes me to choke. I tried the MEDCOAT Pill Coating in Lemon Lime and it slid right down. I was so excited. NO MORE CHOKING!!

    RN, ENT – MEDCOAT Customer

  • My 12-year-old daughter was hiding her medications because she didn’t like the taste of them. A friend told me about MEDCOAT and I requested a sample. We received the citrus flavor which my daughter liked. So before buying some I requested samples of the other flavors which I got a quick response and was sent out the other samples. My daughter tried the other flavors and loves the citrus and cola flavors. Now she takes her pills without hiding them and actually seems to enjoy taking them now.

    MEDCOAT Customer

  • My teenage daughter has always had a difficult time swallowing pills which caused a lot of anxiety. By using MEDCOAT, she was able to learn how to swallow pills without the fear of choking. MEDCOAT is also great if you have a medication that has a bad taste. No more crushing pills and mixing with food! Thank you for making such a great product.


  • My teenage son recently switched to a new medication to be taken twice a day. However, it was nearly impossible for him to swallow these large, chalky and rough, bitter-tasting pills. He would gag on them, spit them out, and because the pills were too dissolved to try again, he would move onto a new pill. Over a couple of days, he blew through more than a dozen pills this way and was only getting half his dose down. We tried the ice cream, pudding, repositioning—these did not work consistently, and we had a lot of drama over his taking these pills. I called compounding pharmacies to coat his medicine—to no avail. I stumbled on MEDCOAT and ordered an express packet. MEDCOAT was incredibly easy to use (just pop the pill through the slot) and worked consistently. It tastes great, smoothed the rough pill, and ensured success in getting these pills down twice a day, quickly and without any meltdowns. MEDCOAT put a smile on my son’s face.

    S.G. – Houston Mom

  • I was having difficulty swallowing many of my pills. My speech therapist gave me a sample of your product, MEDCOAT. What a product – no more problems! I LOVE it!


  • I was prescribed potassium tablets. Not only are they large, but when they get stuck in my throat, they burn. Fortunately, I received a sample of Medcoat and it has made swallowing the potassium tablets so much easier.


  • This product truly changed my life! It may sound stupid but my urologist put me on potassium pills which are huge, too large for me to handle. Now thanks to your product, although they’re large, I can at least get them down. Thank you for creating a product that allows me to take a pill that is needed for my kidneys to function good.


  • My wife has been having an Asthma flare-up and they gave her these pills that are chalky and very large and round. She has to cut them in half already and the Medcoat samples I got a while back have been the only way to get them down. I found your product when she got a pill stuck in her throat for hours back in November and she has been using the Medcoat since then to help get these specific pills down. I really appreciate you having a product like this and I appreciate your excellent customer service.


  • We received the samples and this has been a lifesaver for my 8 year old daughter who was having a lot of trouble swallowing her meds. They are truly a game changer. Mornings that were filled with anxiety and crying have become so easy and she looks forward to taking her meds!…


  • I always keep my eyes and ears open for new products in the health care industry. Having said that, my daughter, who is a pharmacy tech in Savannah, brought me home samples of MEDCOAT, I was thrilled with this product from first sample used. I take several large pills; such as my Calcium with D. It’s what we hard to swallow affectionately call “horse pills.” I have literally choked really bad several times. As an 80-year old, that’s a real scary scenario,, especially if my daughter is not home. MEDCOAT is easy to use even with arthritic fingers. The procedure is relatively simple, Put the chosen pill through the slot, twist and pull. Now comes the easy swallow (and pleasant taste-your choice cola, citrus or berry.) I highly recommend this innovative product and hope others who have trouble taking certain medications will give this product a try.

    P. Gamble

  • My 9-year-old daughter was prescribed a very awful tasting, yet direly necessary prescription. MEDCOAT was an answer to our prayer. The strawberry coating completely covered the foul-tasting, easily dissolvable pill which meant she could calmly attempt to swallow it without tasting it. Not only is the product amazing and easy to use, but the customer service is top-notch. They eagerly accommodated my request for expedited shipping and did so at an amazingly reasonable cost. I give 5 stars to the product and the company!
  • We recently received great feedback from a youthful MEDCOAT user, B. says she uses MEDCOAT because “It is easy, convenient, and tastes great!” Her mom followed up by saying that “The Customer Service is great and extremely quick to respond to any questions.”
  • My son started a new prescription medication, and the first pill he took dissolved in his mouth leaving a terrible taste and a kid refusing to take his medication. I called my pharmacist and asked if this medication came with a coating or if there was anything on the market that I could use to coat the pills. The pills did not come with a coating nor did he know of any coating that would help. I decided to go to the web and search. I found this company that described just what I needed, a pill coating! The company is called MEDCOAT. My son has no issues taking his pills now, due to MEDCOAT. The product is easy to use and I’m so glad I found a solution to my problem..


  • My husband recently had cancer and Valley Fever. He had never had a problem swallowing pills until then. He had to take several pills and some were large and dry. He would choke trying to get them down. I heard about Medcoat pill coating and sent for them. They worked wonderfully. He was so thankful to be able to take his pills without choking or scratching his throat. This is an incredible product. I tell everyone I know about it. It made at least one thing bearable…


  • I have never had an issue swallowing pills, or medications. I have Celiac Disease and was recently prescribed Calcium. The pills were huge and I was choking, and gagging horribly trying to get them down. I tried MEDCOAT and not only did the pills glide down, the taste was really good as well. My flavor choice was strawberry or citrus. I highly recommend…

    A.L. Florida

  • My son, Matthew – 17, has intractable epilepsy. He currently take 4 antiepileptic medications. One in particular is hard for him to swallow. It is pretty big and chalky. After night after night of gagging on his meds my husband searched the web and found MedCoat pill coating. We ordered it right away. We immediately saw the difference in his ability to swallow. He enjoys picking out what flavor he wants to use and even likes to push the pills through the coating himself. Medicine time (3x/day) is no longer a struggle thanks to MedCoat.


  • I take the most bitter pills I have ever experienced…..so much so that I contacted the manufacturer to see if they could help. The extremely bitter taste would just linger in my mouth and it was hard to get rid of. I saw MEDCOAT® on Facebook and decided to give it a try, not expecting much really. Well, MEDCOAT® allowed me to take my pills with absolutely no bitter taste at all. I wish I had found this a lot sooner!

    Peggy O.

  • “I was prescribed a new medication 9 months ago. Unfortunately the pills are large and are not coated. I struggled terribly with swallowing the pills until my husband discovered MEDCOAT about 5 months ago. This amazing coating has made such a huge difference for me. I can now easily swallow the pills with no problem. I have tried lemon and strawberry, and they both taste great. When you have to take medication on a regular basis, I cannot overstate how wonderful it is to have a product like MEDCOAT to make the unpleasant task of swallowing pills a much more pleasant one.”

    Jennifer W.

  • Medcoat®, is a great product, received a sample and tried it using it while taking my morning vitamins. Each flavor stimulates your saliva glands, the taste is great and the vitamins slid down my throat due to the extra saliva that was stimulated from the coating. All size pills and capsules tested made it much easier to swallow and negated the need to brake some of the horse size vitamins in half. I have worked in long term care for years and this product would save a lot of time and ensure that patients would be able to swallow their pills whole, as opposed to crushing them and putting them in pudding or apple sauce. I would highly recommend it to individuals, and organizations who have to administer medication on a daily basis. It is much easier and then medication would be taken as prescribed.

    Laura A Cone MSN RN BS

  • Over the past couple of years it has become increasingly difficult to swallow pills, which makes life a bit challenging when it comes to taking medications. I was excited to learn about the MEDCOAT product and ordered the strawberry to see if I could get some relief. I could not be more satisfied with this product as it tastes great and really has helped address my problem.

    MEDCOAT Customer

  • Our 6-year-old was prepared to start taking pills – he could swallow tic tacs and other candies with ease – and was very excited to stop taking his medicine in the liquid suspension form. But the taste of his new tablets was a pretty big shock and created a new, unexpected challenge for us. Finding MEDCOAT was really a tremendous help and now he can very easily, and happily, take his pills. The product is very easy to use, and the customer support is also fantastic.


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