Not Again … My Turmeric Pill is Stuck in My Throat!

Not Again … My Turmeric Pill is Stuck in My Throat!

Not Again … My Turmeric Pill is Stuck in My Throat!

I don’t know about you, but for me, getting older is a pain … and now a pain in the throat!

As an athlete, I’m used to dealing with aches and pains, but now my older body is being sidelined by joint pain that is, at times, almost debilitating. This just doesn’t make sense, I mean: “How can this be? Why am I having this problem all of a sudden? I’m going to just ignore the pain, hope it goes away and keep doing what I always do, like run this half marathon coming up!” Of course, my brain wasn’t ready to accept the inevitable and I ran the race, but afterwards I could barely walk and it only got worse from there. So, I started to take prescription medications and supplements for my persistent aches and pains. What I never expected was that one of the pills would start causing its own pain … in my throat!

In my 40-some-odd years, I’ve never had an issue taking pills. I just swallow them and they go down and do what they are supposed to do. Unfortunately, that’s not the case with my turmeric supplement. I don’t know what it is about this one pill, but it will not go down. Every day this lovely herbal supplement that is supposed to help my joints and inflammation is getting caught in my throat. It stays there for hours, eluding every drink I chug to wash it down and every bite of food I swallow in hopes of pushing it down into my stomach. It is very uncomfortable, and sometimes even painful. Somehow, that turmeric pill stays lodged in my throat, dissolving right there sending its pungent taste back up to my mouth. It’s terrible! Seriously, how is this happening? Is it just me, or are other people having this issue?

Turns out, it’s not just me … and there is a fix!

It wasn’t until I started working with a client on a new product that I realized all sorts of people are having trouble swallowing their pills. Fortunately for all of us, that new product is the answer to our problem. It’s called MEDCOAT®, and I have to tell you, it’s made all the difference in the world!

MEDCOAT® is a pill coating. I got a couple of samples and tried them out – I chose the cola flavor. I pushed my turmeric pill through the applicator and all of a sudden, the pill was coated with this slippery substance. I popped it into my mouth and swallowed, and the pill disappeared right down into my stomach. It wasn’t stuck in my throat, it was gone. It wasn’t dissolving and tasting terrible, it was gone, and all I could taste was cola. I couldn’t believe it. This pill coating just made my life so much better. I can take my turmeric now without having to chase it with a ton of water, or whatever food I have on hand.

Seriously, this pill coating is great! If you are anything like I am, you are a complete skeptic. You’re sitting there thinking, “Yeah, right. Like this is going to do anything. I’ve been dealing with this issue for years and nothing works.” Well, stop. What do you have to lose, except the pain of getting a pill stuck in your throat. Try it … I promise you’ll thank me!

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