‘Tis the Season for Family, Friends, Food, Parties … and Anxiety!

‘Tis the Season for Family, Friends, Food, Parties … and Anxiety!

‘Tis the Season for Family, Friends, Food, Parties … and Anxiety!

“Happy Holidays,” I say with a Cheshire Cat grin plastered on my face while internally just wanting to crawl into bed and sleep until January 2nd.

For most people the holidays are all about spending time with and celebrating family and friends. For others, the holidays can be extremely stressful as they juggle the end of the year work commitments, holiday parties, their children’s holiday events, buying gifts, making holiday dinners and more. For me, the holidays used to be fun but also stressful as my parents ran around getting ready to host family but now it’s a sad time of year, a time when I lost my mom, and the holidays are a reminder of that loss.

Sometimes it’s hard to cope with the day-to-day routine when everything is an emotional trigger. It sends my anxiety into overdrive. I do everything I can to hold it together, to not let my emotions seep into my work or holiday plans, but it doesn’t always work.

I finally decided to ask my doctor for help, and he prescribed a new prescription, in pill form. Pills?!! I can’t swallow pills! Now I’m stressing about the pills meant to help keep me from stressing.

How am I supposed to swallow these anxiety pills? Every time I try to swallow one, the pill gets stuck in my throat, and I gag. Then it starts to dissolve there, burning and causing a terrible taste to come back up into my mouth. Totally gross!

I was telling one of my friends about trying to swallow these pills, and that’s when she told me about MEDCOAT. Turns out it’s a pill coating that makes the pill slippery so it will slide down my throat and it covers up any bad tastes! I tried it and it’s exactly what I needed! Now I can easily swallow my anxiety pills and not worry about them getting stuck. With my medication, I’m able to handle the emotional triggers far better and not let thing interfere with my day-to-day life as much. I thank MEDCOAT for changing my life! Happy Holidays, for real!!

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