Medicating for Mental Health Doesn’t Have to be an Obstacle

Medicating for Mental Health Doesn’t Have to be an Obstacle

Medicating for Mental Health Doesn’t Have to be an Obstacle

Tens of millions of Americans are living with various mental health conditions that sometimes require routine therapy sessions and taking medications throughout the day. May is National Mental Health Awareness Month and while it is important to bring attention to mental health during this month, it is a significant issue to be mindful of all year long.

Whether or not a person has an official diagnosis, mental health issues can arise in anyone. Mental health conditions do not favor certain ages, races, genders, or socioeconomic status. The importance of prioritizing your mental health can often be a matter of life or death. Speaking with a mental health professional, developing a consistent self-care routine, and exploring different medical interventions that may work for you and your specific needs can make substantial improvements to your daily life.

The challenge of living with a mental health diagnosis is difficult enough. Adding in the struggles to remember to take your medication, build up the mental energy to make yourself take pills, and then battle any swallowing issues you may have on top of it can intensify the entire medication routine. This is where MEDCOAT comes in. While this innovative pill coating may not resolve all the previously mentioned problems, at least it will help with any struggles one may have when it comes to successfully swallowing your pills.

Common mental health disorders such as anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, eating disorders, and depression utilize different medical treatments. Oral medications can range in shape, size, and quantity and if you find yourself struggling with swallowing pills, the flavored coating of MEDCOAT will alleviate any bad taste and may help to decrease the number of attempts it takes to swallow your pills.

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