I’ve been diagnosed with Diabetes. Now what?

I’ve been diagnosed with Diabetes. Now what?

I’ve been diagnosed with Diabetes. Now what?

November is National Diabetes Awareness Month and whether you have been battling diabetes for some time or have recently been diagnosed, it is understandable to be overwhelmed with the health decisions you are faced with making. The first part of your new normal is to understand what diabetes is. Terms like A1C, gestational, Type 1, and Type 2 determine the severity of your diabetes diagnosis and what the proper treatment looks like.

Next will need to find the medication route that works for you. For many, insulin is a necessary medication to treat diabetes depending on type; however, some diabetic patients may also rely on additional medications in pill form to target certain side effects or symptoms. Combine regularly checking your blood glucose levels with maintaining a consistent medication schedule and things can become challenging. On top of that, if you struggle with needles or swallowing pills, that unfortunately just adds more stress to your diabetes journey.

Look to MEDCOAT to relieve at least one of these issues for you! MEDCOAT’S innovative pill coating technology takes the difficulty out of swallowing your medication(s). After applying the pill coating you will find that taking your medication is almost effortless. The coating provides a slippery layer that allows the pill to easily slide down your throat without pain, gagging, or an unpleasant taste.

MEDCOAT is also ideal for children too. If your child suffers from juvenile diabetes, they will especially benefit from using MEDCOAT. Not only will it be easier to take their medications but you eliminate the reoccurring fight that kids naturally put up when it’s time for their next dose because they are triggered by their past problematic experiences.

When organizing and stocking your diabetes medications, make sure MEDCOAT is part of your regimen!

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