COVID-19 … It’s a Bitter Pill to Swallow

COVID-19 … It’s a Bitter Pill to Swallow

COVID-19 … It’s a Bitter Pill to Swallow

Oh, such a bitter pill and oh, so hard to swallow.

Back in late November, I went to Miami on a work trip. Not long after I returned, I felt awful. I was so very exhausted, I had a splitting headache, I was weak with no energy, and I was having a terrible time breathing. I had no idea what was wrong. I couldn’t remember another time when I had felt that badly. 

I went to the doctor, they told me it was a virus and to take over-the-counter pain medicine to reduce the fever I was starting to get, but I couldn’t kick it. I was getting worse and having more and more trouble breathing. About a week later, I went back to the doctor. This time I was given an antibiotic and steroid, though the doctor still didn’t know what was wrong with me. I ended up at the doctor two more times over the month of December. After chest x-rays, a strep test, and even an EKG, the doctors still didn’t know what was wrong, so they just prescribed more pills. They weren’t doing COVID-19 tests yet and didn’t even know it was in the United States at that point. Now, my doctor says he’s sure that’s what I had.

I was given more and more pills to take. However, I was having so much trouble breathing that swallowing the pills was extremely difficult. I felt like my throat had closed up. How do you swallow all of this medicine when you can’t even get oxygen into your lungs? 

Each day I had to force the pills down my throat, choking on each one and hyperventilating. I needed something to help, but I had no idea what would help. It took me a month to start feeling better, but I finally recovered.

Now that I feel better and can swallow pills more easily again, I found the help I needed – isn’t that always the case 😀. I began working with a new client and was introduced to MEDCOAT®, an innovative pill coating that helps pills slide down your throat and even covers up the bad taste. It is an amazing product! I only wish I had known about it back when I was so sick!

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