5 Helpful Tips for Swallowing Pills

5 Helpful Tips for Swallowing Pills

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5 Helpful Tips for Swallowing Pills

Swallowing pills can be problematic for so many. Whether you take one pill or several, occasionally or on a daily basis, these 5 tips and tricks may give you the help you need to avoid any pill-swallowing difficulties.

  1. Drink Water – For many this is obvious. Only a rare few can actually swallow pills without the use of water. But, if you are struggling to swallow pills, try drinking more water than usual. Start off by having several sips of water before attempting to swallow a pill to lubricate your mouth and throat. Next, fill your mouth with a large gulp of water and place the pill into your mouth and swallow both the mouthful of water and the pill at the same time. Have another drink of water after the pill is successfully down.
  2. Change Your Posture – Sometimes simply changing your posture or standing up can make pill swallowing easier. Some find that tucking the chin while swallowing makes it easier while others prefer leaning their head slightly forward. Start with your chin up and your shoulders back as you place the pill in your mouth, then take a medium-sized sip of water then tilt your head forward as you swallow.
  3. Use MEDCOAT – The MEDCOAT Pill Coating is the first of its kind to help thousands resolve their daily struggles with swallowing pills. Using the applicator, pills and capsules are covered in a slippery coating making it easy to swallow them.
  4. Don’t Overthink It – If this problem is a constant in your daily routine, you will begin to psyche yourself out. When it’s time to take your medication, you will become anxious and tense. If you focus your mind on something else and take your medicine quickly, you may avoid the nervous thought process you often associate with taking pills. If you can’t get your mind off it, try watching a video on your phone while you do it to distract yourself.
  5. Try Therapy – Many people develop difficulties with swallowing pills due to sensory issues or even a fear of choking. Doctors can often treat patients to help them overcome their anxieties or inability to swallow pills.

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