Let the Panic Attack Begin … She’s Just Trying to Take Her Medicine

Let the Panic Attack Begin … She’s Just Trying to Take Her Medicine

Let the Panic Attack Begin … She’s Just Trying to Take Her Medicine

I watched as my friend, who is 45 years old, covered her mouth and ran out of the kitchen. I thought, “Oh no, what did she eat that is making her sick?” Turns out she didn’t eat anything, she was instead having what amounted to almost a panic attack as she tried to take a pill. 

You see, Carol had been sick and her doctor had just prescribed some antibiotics. The trouble is, Carol can’t swallow pills … no matter the size. She’s always had this issue. Even as a kid, she was not able to swallow any type of medication. She says she doesn’t know how or when she started having trouble swallowing pills, and in fact, can’t remember a time when she’s ever been able to do so. She says when she tries it’s as if her throat closes up and her gag reflex kicks in and she starts to choke. Over the years, she’s tried all sorts of remedies, but was never able to make it work.

I’ve watched her struggle with this for years, so I should have known that was the problem when she ran out of the kitchen that day. I always wondered if there was a way to help her, but could never find a way … that is until I was introduced to a brand-new pill coating.

It’s called MEDCOAT®, and I thought, this may be exactly what she needs. I picked up a couple of samples of it – one in every flavor (cola, citrus & strawberry) … I wanted to make sure she tried everything – and I brought them to her. 

She took the samples and started to read the information about MEDCOAT®. She looked intrigued, and then said, “I’ll try anything!” She took out one of her prescribed pills and stuck it through the applicator, covering the pill with a slippery coating. “Here goes nothing,” she said as she popped it into her mouth and took a drink of water. 

Her eyes got really big and she stood there staring at me. Then a huge smile spread across her face and she yelled out, “No way! I can’t believe it! I swallowed a pill!!”

I cannot confirm nor deny that a dance break happened at this point. 

Carol said she couldn’t believe how easy MEDCOAT® made it for her to swallow a pill. There was no choking, no feeling of her throat closing up, no panicking. She couldn’t believe that after all of these years, trying everything she could think of, she’s now able to take the pills she needs without any issues. 

She quickly jumped online, right then and there, and ordered more MEDCOAT®. After that, she went to the cupboard and threw away her chewable vitamins and cheered!

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