Juvenile Arthritis Awareness Month

Juvenile Arthritis Awareness Month

Juvenile Arthritis Awareness Month

The summer is usually a fun time for kids, but many people don’t know that July is Juvenile Arthritis Awareness Month. Arthritis in children can be painful – it affects not only joints but organs, too. While many cases of juvenile arthritis can last months to years, some children suffer from this disorder well into their adult years.

When my daughter was diagnosed, our daily routine changed drastically. Her treatment plan required several prescription medicines. Taking medicine is challenging for my daughter. She hates the taste of pills. They don’t come coated or in liquid form like some children’s medicines. Unfortunately, she’s not alone. The Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center reports that 26% of children struggle to swallow pills. Her inability to take her medication started to interfere with the consistency of her treatment, so I began searching for a way to make the pills easier for her to swallow.

That’s where MEDCOAT came in. MEADCOAT is a pill-coating product that works with any size pill or capsule. To use it, you push the pill through the coating until it is fully covered. It takes only one extra step and instantly makes the pills slippery. Plus, the three fun flavors of cola, strawberry and citrus make administering medication much easier.

MEDCOAT has changed this part of our daily routine from a daunting task to something I don’t even have to think about. If your child has a hard time with medications, this might be the solution you need!

Source: Teaching Kids How to Swallow Pills

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